Monday, May 21, 2012

Where to begin? At the beginning...

I am writing this blog to record some of the family stories that I have been told as well as some of the stories I have discovered in my search for my family history.  I am working with one of my cousins and my sister.  We are all very interested in searching for our roots.  My cousin started working on this genealogy project quite a few years before I got on board.  We have a very large Italian family, so this isn't a project that can be undertaken by only one person.  We need help.  We have taken advantage of many of the great resources online as well as libraries and archives.  I am hoping that this blog will also bring some answers to a few family mysteries.  We have relatives that have disappeared from our lives, family disputes, unwed mothers (that was a big deal in the late 1800's) and many more stories we have yet to confirm as true.

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