Thursday, December 18, 2014


It took over a year but we finally received the Purple Heart Medal for Private Brasso Famoso thanks to Congressman Chris Van Hollen. It ultimately took 96 years to get recognition for his sacrifice for our country. Thank you!  

I also received the original Red Cross Roll of Honor sent to my great grandfather in 1918 telling him that his son was killed in action. It is a beautiful document. The U.S. President Woodrow Wilson adorns the top of this document along with flags and symbols of all the countries served by the Red Cross. This document came to me from a cousin in Florida. His grandmother was evidently our family historian long before I was born.

I also talked to my brother in Arizona about Pvt. Brasso Famoso. He told me that he had heard that our great uncle was killed in a trench or foxhole that was hit with an explosive device. The explosive caused total devastation. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing was left of any of those men but their dog tags. That seems to explain my memory that there was nothing but dog tags buried in his grave. Perhaps there is nothing in the grave at all, just a monument to his honor.

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